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    ‘Perdida’ played by Nic Fanciulli @ It’s All About The Music

    Woooow ! This new week couldn’t start better ! I Just found out, Nic Fanciulli played ‘Perdida’ @ It’s all about the Music [Music On] on Ibiza Global Radio📻 💥
    Thank you Nic ! 🙏🏻

    ➡️ Here the full session: https://soundcloud.com/aboutmusicradio/nic-fanciulli-its-all-about-the-music-dj-mix-series-episode-100-20072017

    #WeArmada x Armada Subjekt x Armada Music 

    'Perdida' played by Nic Fanciulli @ It's All About The Music, …

    Woooow ! This new week couldn't start better ! I Just found out, Nic Fanciulli played 'Perdida' @ It's all about the Music [Music On] on Ibiza Global Radio ! 📻 💥Thank you Nic ! 🙏🏻 ➡️ Here the full session: https://soundcloud.com/aboutmusicradio/nic-fanciulli-its-all-about-the-music-dj-mix-series-episode-100-20072017#WeArmada x Armada Subjekt x Armada Music

    Publié par Juanito sur lundi 18 septembre 2017

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    Back on Armada Subjekt Soon !

    Hard work pays off ! 💪🏻
    Very happy to sign a new #track on my beloved Armada Subjekt ! ‘Heel hartelijk bedankt’ Nick Claassen for believing in me ! 🙏🏻🔝

    #WeArmada x Armada Music

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    Remix for Robbie Rivera…

    When you receive a #Remix request from a #HouseMusic legend: Robbie Rivera ! 💥🙈
    More Info soon !

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