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    Swing Anniversary !

    Swing Anniversary !

    Yesterday SWING 2nd Anniversary at INPUT High Fidelity Dance Clubwas fire ! My friends The Deals & Pau Guilera played B2B2B with HITCH all night long ! 💥🎉

    Here a footage around 3am, when they played my #remix for Makanan on NastyFunk Records ! 🔈

    Gracias chicos ! 

    The Deals – HITCH – Pau Guilera @ SWING 2nd Anniversary – Input

    Yesterday SWING 2nd Anniversary at INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club was fire ! My friends The Deals & Pau Guilera played B2B2B with HITCH all night long ! 💥🎉Here a footage around 3am, when they played my #remix for Makanan on NastyFunk Records ! 🔈Gracias chicos ! 💛

    Gepostet von Juanito am Samstag, 14. April 2018

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